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Wedding Planning

Your wedding is a milestone event. You want it to be personal and memorable.  Working with a wedding coordinator is an investment in the success of your wedding day and beyond.  Just Say Yes! offers wedding planning packages that are fully personalized to meet your needs. We are available to guide you or fully coordinate all wedding-related events;  from the proposal to the honeymoon. Enjoy every moment backed with the knowledge that you have a professional working for you.


Our relationship always starts with a Free Initial Consultation. Here, we learn about you as a couple, your likes & dislikes, what's important to you both and, of course, your overall vision for your wedding day. You get to meet your Certified Wedding Coordinator, learn about our services and have the opportunity to ask your most pressing questions. If we choose to work together, we send you a custom proposal along with our contract. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received, the real work begins.


Contact us today to Start Planning!

Top 10 People You Hire When You

Hire Our Wedding Planners

1. Financial Advisor:  We will let you know how much you should be paying, remind you of payment dates, and keep you within budget.

2. Professional Organizer: No need for a binder when you have a shared cloud folder filled with spreadsheets, checklists, guides and more!


3. Confidant: We are great listeners and you need a reliable outlet for all of your wedding energy.

4. Interior Designer: From navigating venues and invitations to attire and décor; we will make sure it all comes together nicely in the end. 


5. Fierce Negotiator: We have friends all over the industry and can always get you a great deal.

6. Calm, Cool, & Collected Mediator: We are the neutral divide between you and tricky situations; whatever or whomever they may be.

7. Wedding Expert: You save time researching thanks to our years of knowledge and experience.

8. Massage Therapist: Okay, maybe not literally; however, we can certainly relieve your stress and restore your zen. 

9. Personal Assistant: When you cannot be in two places at once and you need someone you can trust.

10. Production Manager: You should be 100% present on your wedding day. We will handle everything and everyone in the background.

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