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Ontario bans gathering of more than 5 people, now what?!

Dearest Spring 2020 couples,

We understand that the ever-changing conditions around the covid-19 pandemic affect your wedding and it SUCKS. You’ve been planning this day for some time and it is no longer the vision it once was. Your venue may have closed or cancelled your event and you have likely already made some huge adjustments to comply with the order to keep your celebration under 50 people. Now, the province has just banned social gatherings (including #weddings) with more than 5 people…and you’re feeling defeated. What do you do?

Focus on what matters most.

You’re doing your civic duty to flatten the curve. You’re social distancing but you’re not alone. There are plenty of online wedding groups where you can meet other couples and chat about the downs & ups you’re experiencing together. You may just find the support and answers you weren’t even looking for.

You’re in love and you want to spend the rest of your life with your significant other. That commitment remains unchanged. Okay, if you’re both working from home and spending all of your days stuck in the same household, this may not have been the together forever vision you had in mind. The global situation is stressful in-and-of itself, wedding planning can be stressful and now there’s no escaping each other. The end of your day may look like that grade 5 science project volcano…but it doesn’t have to. Take this opportunity to learn to better communicate with each other and iron out the kinks on how you can be each other’s best support system. If you have the supplies, this is a great time to bond and complete those DIY crafts you’ve been avoiding. Do not, I repeat, do NOT practice putting any IKEA furniture together. It will always be best for everyone involved to take a separate piece and assemble it in individual rooms.

Everyone is in this unprecedented situation together. For the most part, wedding vendors and suppliers are offering as much flexibility as they can and are waiving change fees to accommodate postponements. To postpone your wedding, start by contacting all of your existing vendors & suppliers. Confirm what flexibility they offer, what conditions they may have and ask about future availability. Start with your favourite & must-have vendors to find options when they’re all available. You must also be open and flexible; especially if you are looking to re-book on a Saturday in the current year. Not all of your vendors may be available & you may have to look into alternatives. Once a new date is confirmed, inform your guests as soon as possible as they’ll need to make new arrangements as well.

Celebrate your date anyways. Get dressed up, grab some bubbly and celebrate with a date night. It’ll do you both some good. If your original date is significant to you (whether it’s an anniversary, looks pretty or you’ve already purchased several personalized items with your date), then make it legal. In the province of Ontario, all you need is a valid marriage licence, two witnesses and a registered wedding official present to make it happen. Covid-19 etiquette asks that: the wedding couple stand together and the remainder stay 6ft apart from each other, everyone provides & uses their own pen, and the celebration is preferably outdoors. You can even live stream or record the event to share it with all of your guests.

Still feeling lost? Do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here for you.

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